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If you aren’t familiar with autism or how it truly affects children, you might be tempted to get frustrated with your child or think the situation will never improve. The child may have a hard time communicating or behaving appropriately.

But at Mission Autism Clinics, we know that children who struggle with autism don’t have to do so forever. Solutions exist to encourage children to modify their behaviors and get through these formative years more easily.

With us, those solutions lie in our ABA therapy programs, which take the long approach of encouraging better behaviors over time so the child can eventually make significant changes.

When you need autism services in Center Valley, PA, for your child, know that Mission Autism Clinic is here to help.

How Your Child Can Benefit from ABA Therapy

ABA (applied behavior analysis) therapy is generally regarded as one of the most effective treatments for autism.

Using rewards and consequences, ABA therapy teaches children with autism to change behaviors that cause them to struggle or otherwise hold them back in their lives. Children are rewarded for positive changes and discouraged from engaging in “bad” behaviors.

While this kind of behavioral conditioning is not exactly new, ABA therapy for autism is held in such high esteem because it can target specific behaviors and set individual goals that children can actually achieve.

How Do the Behavioral Changes Work?

For instance, if your child with autism frequently has tantrums or tries to use destructive actions to ask for things, an ABA therapist can target these behaviors specifically and make them more positive. Therapists do this by rewarding children, maybe with food or a toy, for making the desired changes, such as asking for something with a polite question rather than a tantrum.

Over time, ideally, the child will come to associate the new behavior with a positive outcome and keep doing it indefinitely.

Our therapists have used ABA therapy in all kinds of settings, including at home and at school. Whether your child struggles to share, wait for his or her turn, or clean up after finishing something, ABA therapy is one method that can help improve the lives of children for whom these simple actions are enormous challenges.

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If you’ve been looking for an ABA therapy clinic that offers workable solutions for your child with autism, Mission Autism Clinics may be exactly what you need.

Our licensed behavioral specialists will devise plans around your child’s specifics and his or her home and school life. No two children with autism are alike, so this kind of individualized attention is necessary to the ABA program’s success. Whether it’s social interactions, asking for things, or simply performing daily hygiene tasks, ABA therapy can help your child improve and ultimately get along much better with family, friends, and others.

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