Sugarloaf, PA

Sugarloaf, PA

Welcome to our Sugarloaf clinic!

Our location in Sugarloaf, Pennsylvania, offers both our Day Program and After School Program for individualized ABA Therapy. Our brand new facility is conveniently located on Route 93 within a few miles of Interstate 80 and Interstate 81.

Every child deserves to have the support they need to help them live happy lives and achieve their goals. This is something all parents want for their children, but this can often be a challenge for parents of children with autism. 

While autism can cause many obstacles, getting the right help for children and teens can have a big impact. This is why at Mission Autism Clinics, we provide autism services in Sugarloaf, PA, including ABA therapy. Our team is dedicated to working closely with children and families to find the best way to provide support and guidance to help children reach new milestones.

Applied behavior analysis is regarded by many as being the best autism treatment for children and teens. At Mission Autism Clinics, we’re proud to provide this service to children and their families so that we can help children reach their full potential. 

What Does ABA Therapy Entail?

ABA therapy programs are unique for each child, as it helps them meet their individual goals. Because of this, your child’s therapy will depend on what their needs are, not what other children may need. Some of the goals of this therapy may be to help children improve their behavior, communicate with others, build relationships, and complete everyday tasks on their own. This program is also adaptable as your child grows and develops in sessions over time. 

One-on-One and Group Sessions

At Mission Autism Clinics, we provide both one-on-one and group sessions for children. One-on-one sessions allow us to get to know a child better to help assess their needs and what we can do to help them gain new skills. Group sessions help children with autism work with other children close in age to help build social skills. Group sessions help children and teens learn to make new friends, play with others, and have conversations.

Positive Reinforcement for Small Goals

A large reason for ABA therapy’s success is that it provides positive reinforcement when a child ABA therapy helps celebrate all the small victories a child achieves. This helps put the focus on the positive changes a child makes, not the areas where they struggle. ABA therapy helps children feel empowered to accomplish difficult tasks so that they can reach their goals.

Flexible Scheduling for Families

ABA therapy can require 10-15 hours a week, which we understand can be difficult to do for many families. However, this program is intended for parents as well as children. Our ABA after-school program offers flexibility for busy families, so you don’t have to worry about how you’ll manage to make time. ABA therapy can also be completed inside your own home, where your child is most comfortable, in addition to our clinics. The flexibility we offer helps make this program accessible for the whole family.  

See if ABA Therapy is Right for Your Child

At Mission Autism Clinics, we know how important it is to have the right support and care for any child and that this can often be harder to find for children with autism. Our team is dedicated to providing services that can help make a real difference in children and their families’ lives. We’ve seen the positive impact our services can have on a child’s growth and are here to help your child succeed.

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